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Waverton to Milsons Point

This walk takes you around the wonderful suburbs surrounding Balls Head, Berry's Bay and Lavender Bay. Waverton is village-like with a collection of shops around the train station. Start at the station, heading west along Bay Street. Keep going straight then turn right at the fork and walk along Balls Head Road. Continue until you arrive at the picnic area.  Balls Head Reserve is a popular picnic and bushwalking site, with views of the city skyline and harbour.
Retrace your journey and turn right into Balls Head Road, heading to Berry's Bay. At the end of the road a track follows the bay around the heritage site of the oil refinery. BP Park was opened in 2005 and comprises pathways, access stairs, lookout platforms, fences, handrails and seating, incorporated into remnants of the site's industrial heritage. You can still see the outline of the tanks. The view from Berry's Bay Lookout is spectacular, with a panoramic  view of the harbour .
Continue along the foreshore, past marinas and the retired Manly Ferry, South Steyne, now a floating restaurant. Walk up  John Street, right at Dumbarton Street, which becomes Victoria Street and go left into Munro Street. Steps take you to the bottom of Sawmiller's Reserve. It is the site of a former sawmill operated by the John W. Eaton Ltd timber merchants from 1890 to the 1920s. Walk up the stairs at the rear of the reserve to Mil Mil Street, and turn right into Blues Point Road. On McMahons Point is Blues Point Tower, a 144-apartment block 83 metres tall. Designed by the famous architect  Harry Seidler, it is regarded by some critics as the ugliest building in Sydney.
You can catch a ferry from the wharf, or continue by foot to Milsons Point to catch a train, bus or ferry. From McMahons Point Wharf,  scale the steps to East Crest Street, and to Bayview Street. At the end of the street, go down the steps to Bob Gordon Reserve at Lavender Bay. Behind Lavender Bay is Wendy's Secret Garden.  The garden was created over a period of 20 years by Wendy Whitley, the wife of artist Brett along with a dedicated team of gardeners and volunteers.
Walk along the foreshore past Luna Park to the ferry wharf or bus stop. A short walk up the hill takes you to Milsons Point Train Station.
Waverton to McMahons Point is about  4 kilometres. McMahons Point to Milsons Point is 2.6 kilometres.

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