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Siena is a beautiful medieval city in Tuscany. It is famous for the running of the 'Palio' horse race held on the central Piazza del Campo, twice each summer.  Piazza Del Campo is dominated by the red Palazzo Pubblico and its tower, Torre del Mangia.  Along with the Duomo of Siena, the Palazzo Pubblico was  built between 1297 and 1310.


Siena a great city to stroll around. Streets zig zag everywhere, with both ancient and modern sculptures. There are brightly painted homes, washing drying outside apartments, cats bird-watching on windowsills and, along the Via dei Rossi is, you will find the intriguing " Lady behind the Curtain" relief.


 A small park, Orti dei Tolomei, provides wonderful views of the Tuscan hills, especially in the late afternoon. Nearby is the Fountain of Contrada de la Onda with a dolphin in the middle.  On the way back to the city centre you will find many trattorias and pizzerias to have a meal and a relaxing drink.

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