Church Point Sculptures

Over the past few years anonymous sculptures have appeared along a one-kilometre stretch of shoreline at Church Point.

The first sculpture you see is a steel dog. Further along amongst mangroves is a shorebird made of steel meshing.

Two penguins are constructed of plastic sheeting  and pipe.

Relaxing on a seat you have a fish as a companion.

Past an old boat shed is a castle, a little weathered from the wind and rain.

Not too far from the castle, minute soldier crabs scuttle across the sand.

Here is a wire cormorant with  rocks as eggs.

Next to it a shark constructed of wood,  resting on the stone wall.

As you get closer to Church Point you will see  a jelly fish.

A whale with a smile.

A sailboat stranded on a rock, and a fascinating crab.

What the sculptors have created is magical and unexpected.