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Town Hall to Darling Point

From Town Hall, walk north on George Street. Turn right into Market Street, and cross Elizabeth Street into Hyde Park.The Archibald Fountain, which  draws its themes from Greek antiquity, was completed in 1832. Opposite, on College Street, is the Gothic style St Mary's Cathedral.


Walk along Macquarie Street with its historic buildings. Hyde Park Barracks. The Mint, which was originally a hospital. Sydney Hospital. Government House. And, The State Library.

Cross  the Domain to the  Art Gallery of NSW. To the right of the building is a path which leads to the walkway above the Eastern Distributor.


Turn left on Bourke Street, and cross Cowper Wharf Roadway to the beautiful revamped wharves on Sydney Cove. Follow the roadway towards Cockatoo Island Naval Base and you will find  the famous Harry's Cafe De Wheels, which dates  back to 1945. It is renowned for its  meat pies and sausage rolls. Further along, cross into Brougham Street on your right, and immediately go up McElhorne Stairs.  At the top, turn left into Victoria Street, then right into Challis Avenue. Then, walk up to Macleay Street. On the other side is a sign directing you to Elizabeth Bay House.


 Follow the narrow path, and you will walk down into Elizabeth Bay. The beautiful Elizabeth Bay House  was completed in 1839 and was named after Governor Macquarie's wife. The suburb has a marvellous European feel to it. The homes are elegant, with  many of them  designed in the classic art deco style. Amongst these buildings is the peaceful Arthur McElhone Reserve, with its beautiful gardens and ponds. Beare Park, located on the harbour, is a great place to relax and have a picnic or a swim.


Walk up Ithaca Road to the junction with Elizabeth Bay Road, and cross over to Holdsworth Avenue. Take the stairs down to Rushcutters Bay. The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia is located here. Follow New Beach Road until it bends up the hill. Continue along Thornton Street until you reach Darling Point Road, then turn right. The large estate located on this corner, obscured by high  stone  walls and vegetation, is  the heritage listed Swifts Mansion. It was owned from 1872 to 1963 by the brewing families, Tooth and Resch.


Darling Point is a beautiful suburb with magnificent homes and apartments overlooking Sydney Harbour. St Mark's Anglican Church is a popular and famous  venue, hosting   Elton John's first wedding.


Enter Edgecliff Train Station and return home.

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