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Parramatta River Loop

Parramatta River Loop Map.JPG

Start this great ride by crossing the Parramatta River from Rhodes, either on the John Whitton Bridge or Ryde Bridge. On the northern side of the river go past Meadowbank Wharf and head west towards Parramatta. The shared pathway is well marked with signs, and is an easy ride of about 10 kilometres, passing through the suburbs of Melrose Park and Rydalmere as you follow the shoreline of the river. Just before you reach Parramatta, a visit to the Whitlam Institute on the campus of Western Sydney University is well worth a visit. It is just a short ride to your right and is housed in  the Female Orphan School built in 1813.


Continue along to Parramatta Wharf and catch the ferry a  to Abbotsford Wharf. Go up the hill from there and right into The Terrace, then along Battersea, Hunter and Checkley Streets to Quarantine Reserve.  Go along Spring Street and Abbotsford Parade and down  into Henry Lawson Park. Follow the pathway along the shoreline next to Wymston Parade. Ride up Reginald Street on the left to Great Northern Road in Wareemba. On the other side of the road is the wonderful Trovatino Cafe.


Go back to Wymston Parade and on to Halliday Park. Ride along Preston Avenue to Lyons Road. It is a very busy section of the road and an easier option is  to go along the pathway and then right at  James  Street  to Friend Avenue. Cross Lyons Road carefully opposite Bardwell Park Golf Club. There is a marked lane for cyclists. When you reach a pedestrian safety zone, cross to the other side of the road and enter the pathway to the right, which will take you to Bayview Park.


Continue around the shoreline past Massey Park Golf Club to Cabarita. Philips Street, Collingwood Avenue, Dorking Road, Edgeworth Crescent and Cabarita Road take you to Cabarita Park.

Ride down the hill near the wharf and turn left to Breakfast Point. At the end of the pathway go down Palace Lane and left into Hilly Street. Go all the way to Bayard Street. Take a right at Rickard Street and left into Norman Street.  Where it meets Majors Bay Road go right, and past  Majors Bay Reserve to your right. At the round-a-bout ride right up Nullawarra Avenue to Hospital Road. As you pass Concord Hospital, turn left at Fremont Street and right at Killoola Street.

To  your left is Rhodes Park, where you can catch a train or go back to your car.

This is a great ride of approximately 30 kilometres.


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