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Birchgrove to Balmain East

During the 1920s, Birchgrove and Balmain were rough, working-class suburbs. As public transport improved, the area's close proximity to the city encouraged the middle class to move there the1960s. House prices rose  and the suburbs became gentrified, but the beautiful houses have remained, creating a wonderful inner-city atmosphere .


Catch a ferry from Circular Quay to Birchgrove Wharf and walk along Louisa Road. Turn left into Rose Street and go to Grove Street. To your left is Gladstone Store where you can get 'coffee and hand-made delicious things'. Head south on Bay Street to Short Street. Here you can go right, and have a great pub lunch and a drink at the Sir William Wallace Hotel or, go left to Ballast Point Road and on to Ballast Point Park.  From this park you can walk along the foreshore to Mort Bay Park.  Nearby is the Balmain Shipyard, where Sydney's ferry fleet is maintained. Also at the park is Balmain Ferry Wharf  where you can catch ride back to Circular Quay. 


From the Sir William Wallace Hotel go down Cameron Street to Mort Bay Park.

Across the water from Mort Bay Park are the colourful and wonderfully restored Waterfront Wharf Workshops. Wind your way around the shoreline streets to Propeller Park and on to the end of Nicholson Street . Next to the Workshops is the Zig-Zag Pathway, where workers in the early 20th Century gathered  to gain work from the Adelaide Steamship Company.


To get to Balmain East Ferry for your return to the city, walk along Nicholson Street, turn left into Darling Street and walk down the hill.

The walk from Birchgrove Wharf to Mort Bay Park is 2 kilometres via William Wallace Hotel. Via Ballast Point Park is 3 kilometres. The additional walk to Balmain East Ferry is 2 kilometres.

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