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Narrabeen to Dee Why Beach


This is an easy ride of about 8 kilometres each way, from Narrabeen Lagoon to the beachfront at Dee Why.
Start near the bridge on Pittwater Road at Narrabeen and head south along the pathway. At Jamieson Park continue along the Narrabeen Lagoon Trail. Eventually you will arrive near a paved road, James Wheeler Place. Follow the marked pathway to South Creek Road and continue to the service station apposite St Mathews Farm Reserve. Cross the road, turning right and then immediately left.
Follow the path to the right of Cromer Park and the parklands until you reach Campbell Avenue. Cross over to Dee Why Park and follow the path to the traffic lights on the corner of Lismore  Avenue and Pittwater Road. Cross to the lagoon side, turn right and immediately go left onto the track leading to the beach.
Dee Why Beach has many wonderful cafes and restaurants on the beach front. To return to Narrabeen just go back the way you came. Of course, you can always start from Dee Why Beach.

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