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Paddington a subburb in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs

 Paddington is a most beautiful part of Sydney. Originally in the early 1800s it was a working class community, and is now one of the trendiest suburbs in the city. It has a variety of shops, cafes and pubs to suit everyone.


You can get there and bus and train. The train goes to Kings Cross, and walking south down Victoria Street, you pass by the wonderful Gelato Messina on your way to Oxford Street. Then  turn left. Trendy shops, Victoria Barracks and Paddington Town Hall are on this busy street.


The beautifully restored Reservoir Gardens is just past the town hall. It was originally a pump house and water reservoir for the suburb. Locals would collect their water supplies in buckets.


Micky's Cafe just along the street has a very cool vibe, and serves great food and coffee. Left into William Street, and from there turn right and walk down any of the wonderful tree lined streets that interests you. Beautiful terraces are on every street, so just enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the suburb.


At Jersey Road turn left and at Ocean Street. turn left. At the junction of New South Head Road, just to you left is Edgecliff train and bus station.


The walk from Kings Cross Station is about 6 kilometres.

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