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Resources for Secondary and Tertiary Students


$AU 100

Egypt Old Kingdom   New Kingdom Egypt

                   Rome Parts 1 & 2
    Cities of Vesuvius: Pompeii & Herculaneum
Investigating the Past: Pompeii & Herculaneum

Empire of the Incas      Renaissance Italy
The Industrial Revolution

Hatshepsut      Julius Caesar
Leon Trotsky      Albert Speer

Weimar Republic      Conflict In Europe Parts 1 & 2
Cold War Parts 1 & 2      War In Indochina

Designing & Constructing A Kitchen   Renovating A Home
Environmentally Sustainable Construction


During my long career in the film industry, I have worked as a cameraman, editor, director & producer. I have edited and filmed documentaries for the ABC, Film Australia, and many independent producers. I started working at Classroom Video Australia in 1998 and there I edited a wide variety of history, geography, science, english literature and sports programmes.

 Since 2007 I have produced and distributed my own ancient history, modern history and design & technology videos and remain committed to supplying quality educational resources. To buy a VIDEO or a DVD go to 

Phil Sheppard

Rubicon Italy       Where the magic happens           Outback NSW
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