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Drummoyne Wharf to Birchgrove Wharf

This is a six kilometre walk from Drummoyne wharf , through Balmain to Birchgrove wharf. It begins with a ferry ride to Drummoyne,  then you  head off along St Georges Crescent towards Birkenhead Point. Here you can get something to eat and drink before continuing your journey.  
Walk along Park Avenue to Victoria Road, turn left and continue along the eastern side of Iron Cove Bridge. At the far end, go down the steps to the left,  then right and through Bridgewater Park, the site of the old Balmain Power Station. At Balmain Cove, walk up a steep path on your right to Terry Street and take a left. Go past the secondary college and wonderful terrace homes to Elliott Street and go left. Turn right into Lockhart Avenue, which becomes Phoebe Street and finally Tilba Avenue.
At White Street turn left and enter Elkington Park near the Balmain Rowing Club. From the park there are magnificent views across the bay to Cockatoo Island. Continue along the track past Dawn Fraser Baths, where Australia's finest swimmer trained. Past the baths is a small park and a marina for boats moored in the bay. At the top of a  flight of stairs, go straight ahead at Fitzroy Avenue, veer left up Glossop Street then left down Birchgrove Road, and turn left into Water Street.
Proceed to your right at River Street, until you reach Louisa Road. This will take you directly to Birchgrove Ferry wharf. If you have time before you catch the ferry, turn right at Rose Street and go to Gladstone Store, where you can get always get great food and coffee.

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