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About Walk Cycle Sydney

Welcome to my Walk Cycle Sydney  website. I am a retired film maker.  During 47 years of my career, I worked on TV commercials, documentaries, corporate and educational videos.  
Two years ago my wife and I decided it was time to get out and really have a good look at our beautiful city, rather than catch glimpses of it as we passed by in the car. We have completed over 200 walks all around the city and suburbs, with many more to come. In addition, I go on cycling trips with a mate of mine and have been on about 180 trips. Of course I have taken a lot of videos and photographs.
So I decided, rather than doing a blog to share my experiences, a website would be much better. Each walk or cycle ride has a video to accompany a description of the route.
Because we all are interested in different things,  use this as a guide only. It's a great adventure and around every corner there is something else to astound you.
Have a great time in our city.
Phil Sheppard 
For film makers I have a vast library of High Definition Stock Footage 
that can be used in commercials, documentaries, corporate videos or any film you are making. Also, if you see footage in the video galleries which are not Stock footage Library and you want to purchase it just contact me. 

To purchase an educational video use the contact form below.


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