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Empire of the INCAS

A Society and Civilisation of the Past

For nearly 100 years, the INCAS rules the largest empire in South American history.  The Incas had a society based on community and co-operation, with power controlled firmly by the Sapa Inca and the royal family.  They were brilliant engineers, constructing magnificent forts and cities, and built roads, tunnels and bridges through mountains.  Medical and surgical techniques were highly advanced, as were observations of the sun, moon and stars.  But, above all, their devotion to the Gods was paramount.  Invasion by Spanish Conquistadors in the early 1500s began the demise of the Incan Empire.  This programme was filmed on location in Peru, Bolivia and Chile.



The origin of the Incas - The structure of Incan society -How men and women lived  - How they were governed - Their rights and freedoms - Contact with other cultures - Religion and beliefs - Significant people and events - The cultural legacy they left behind



SENIOR:  History - Society and Culture

JUNIOR:  History - SOSE - Australian Syllabus History: Level 8 Year 8 & NSW Stage 4



SENIOR:  An ancient society of South American

JUNIOR:  Study of an ancient society

Download Teachers' Notes

Download Teachers' Notes



00:00  Introduction

2:28  Empire Builders

6:57  Social Structure

10:43  Inca Engineering

14:55  Everyday Life

22:14  Art & Technology

26:51  Religion

30:52  Spanish Invasion

32:59  Cultural Legacy

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