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Cycling Cooks River Ride


The Cook's River ride is an easy 12 kilometre cycle from Hurlstone  Park to Brighton Le Sands on Botany Bay.
I caught the train to Hurlstone Park and crossed the river by the  wooden bridge at Ewan Park. At the end of Lang Road, go left into Beaman Park and follow the pathway to the bridge at Illawarra Road. Cross the road bridge to the other side of the river, and take the track past Waterplay Park. At Richardson Crescent, cross at the lights and turn right into the car park at Tempe station. At the end of the car park rejoin the pathway.
When you reach the Princes Highway, turn right at the lights and ride over the bridge. Go left into Cahill Park until you reach Marsh Street. Turn left and ride carefully along the footpath, until you can rejoin the pathway. The traffic on Marsh Road is extremely heavy. Continue the pathway  underneath the roadway and enjoy a 4 kilometre ride until you reach the boat ramps at Kyeemagh. Follow the riverside path under General Holmes Drive to Botany Bay. From here you can ride along the waterfront to Brighton Le Sands. There are many restaurants and cafes along the boardwalk.
To return, go back the way you came to Tempe station, and catch a train.
This ride is only a part of a longer cycle from Rhodes to Brighton Le Sands, which is about 24 kilometres. 

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