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Lucca is a serene and beautiful city in Tuscany. You can travel there  by train or car from  Florence and Pisa. There are many parking stations outside  the city walls. 

Lucca is a city of Romanesque churches, hidden gardens, opera and olive oil. Most attractions highlight the city's rich history like the Roman amphitheatre, the historic villas and ancient towers. Lucca was the birthplace of Puccini and Boccherini and the city hosts many operatic performances and classical festivals.

The historic centre has been preserved within the redbrick city walls and it is possible to walk or cycle along the top of the tree lined walls. Locals love to cycle and there are several outlets to rent a bicycle. You can best enjoy Lucca by simply wandering along its streets, through  piazzas, museums and churches, enchanted by its relaxed atmosphere.

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