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Terry Hills Perimeter Trail

This is a really exciting 11 kilometre ride along the bush trails located  to the north of Terry Hills. The ride ends by cycling 5 kilometres along  Booralie Road to Terry  Hills shopping centre.


Park near Nerang  Avenue and commence the ride at the north side of Nerang Road.

The trail winds it's way through beautiful bushland. In spring there is a magnificent  array of wildflowers in bloom, with the waratahs being the most spectacular.


A number of short trails branch off the Perimeter Trail, with wonderful views towards Cowan and Smiths Creek. The trail can be challenging  at times, with rocky sections needing to be negotiated carefully.


The Perimeter Trail skirts past large homes and golf courses, and ends when you reach Cullamine Road, which is a dirt track. Ride up to the top of the hill and down to where it meets Booralie Road, which takes you back to Terry Hills shopping centre.

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