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Rhodes - Drummoyne - Putney Loop


Begin this ride at Uhrs Point on the eastern side of Concord Road. Go up the pathway next to Concord Road and turn left into Rhodes Park. At Killoola Street go right,  then left at Fremont Street, and right into Hospital Road. At the round-a-bout bear left into Nullawarra Avenue. Proceed  for about a kilometre and turn left into Norman Street.

Norman Street becomes Majors Bay Road. Five streets along go right into Archer Street which has a cycling sign to indicate the direction. Follow the signs through Lancelot, Smythes, Ellis, and Brewer Street. Enter Edwards Park just past Spring Street. Again, follow the signs and ride through Greenlees Park, Jessie Stewart Reserve and Rothwell Park.

Cross over Crane Street and get onto the pathway on Queen Elizabeth Park. Take the first pathway to your left up to Broughton Street. Go left and immediately right into Stanley Street. Ride into the pathway at St Lukes Park. At the canal go left to Lyons Road, then cross to the other side proceeding to Udall Avenue, and turn left. Enter Halliday Park to the right, then along Wymstron Parade and finally a right up Reginald to Great Northern Road. On the other side of the road is the wonderful Trovatino Cafe where you can get a coffee and something to eat.
Fully refreshed, ride north along Great Northern Road, and go right into Hampden Road. Turn left at Sibbick Street, and right at Byrne Avenue  joining the pathway along the shore of Drummoyne Bay. Ride to the end of the Esplanade and walk up the stairs to Raymond Avenue. Go right into Victoria Place, left at Drummoyne Avenue and right into Cambridge Road. Enter the pathway and ride over Gladesville Bridge. Walk down the steps on the far side of the bridge and go along Huntleys Point Road to a pathway which runs parallel to Victoria Road. Go left at Punt Road before turning right into Ashburn Place. Here begins a zig-zag ride to Putney, avoiding all the busy roads.
Go right into Meriton Street from Ashburn Place, a left into York Street which becomes Linsley Street. Next is a  left at George Street, left at Ross Street and right into Western Crescent. Go left at Morrison Road  where it's safer to use the pathway. Turn left into Champion Road, right at Brett Street, right at Tennyson Road and left at Teemer Street. Enter the park at Grove Creek, Putney, going  left around Morrison Bay. Ride up Jetty Road, turning right into Pellisier Road and left into Dyson Street. Ride down the hill to Kissing Point Park and the pathway which goes all the way to Ryde Bridge and Uhrs Point.  
The entire ride is 24 kilometres.

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