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Bayview to Church Point

There is a walking path along the spectacular shoreline of Pittwater on Sydney's Northern Beaches.


Start from the car park next to Bayview tennis courts, and head west. Walk past the marina, cafes and on the left, a school,  then go up the hill. This is 'millionaires row', with magnificent homes enjoying uninterrupted views. Half way along is the quaint community library outside historic Hopton Lodge.


Once you go down the hill, the walk is completely flat the rest of the way.  You will continue past Bayview Yacht Racing Association, a marina and another cafe. Now you are in Church Point, where there are a variety of boat houses, tiny beaches and the beauty of the Pittwater to enjoy. It's an easy walk, accessible to everyone, and most locals are friendly,  saying "hi" or " what a beautiful day" as you pass. It's a pleasant 2.7 kilometre walk by the time you reach Church Point  Wharf. There, The Waterfront Cafe & General Store serves delicious coffee and fantastic food with an unforgettable view.


All you have to do now is turn around and walk back to Bayview, or catch a bus if you have indulged too much.


If you are feeling particularly energetic, there are two different walking routes for the return journey. The first is to cross Pittwater Road to a set of stairs opposite the Waterfront Cafe. Follow the path up the hill, past the site of the church which lends it name to the area and the remains of the original cemetery. Above this area you will reach Eastview Road where you can turn left and walk down the hill, past homes with grand views across Pittwater. When you arrive at Pittwater Road, cross over to the other side and walk back to Bayview or Mona Vale.


The second alternative is a little bit more challenging but it is worth the effort. Instead of turning left at Eastview Road as described above, continue up the hill past the cemetry to Quarter Sessions Road. This route is quite steep and leads to new stairs at the top. This links with Captain Hunter Road on the top of the ridge. The views of the Pittwater from here are wonderful.



From here, walk past the beautiful homes overlooking the Pittwater and turn left into Minkara Road. Continue until you reach Narla Road and go left. This is the beginning of walk down from Bayview Heights to Pittwater Road at the bottom. At Ilya Avenue turn right, then right into Taminga Street and finally right at Kananook Avenue. At the bottom is Pittwater Road where you go to your right and head off in the direction of Mona Vale.



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