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Newtown to St Peters

These inner-city suburbs are a delight, with  interesting people, shops, cafes, terraces, markets, parks and street art. Each street you walk along has something appealing for everyone.
I start at the small train station at Macdonaldtown. Turn right into Burren Street and left at Wilson Street. Continue along Wilson St.  until you get to King Street, then turn left. At the intersection veer right into Enmore Road. At Reiby Street turn left. This is where the walk really begins.
Choose  to wander down any street you like. They all have their own charm. Newtown, like so many inner-city suburbs has far more parks and recreational areas than you would imagine. At Lord Street, St Peter's, head east to the station which ends this walk.  At the south of the station there is some  remarkable street art, especially along May Lane.
This walk is about 3 kilometres.

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