This is a collection of short videos I have produced over the years, as seen on Instagram and YouTube.


Subjects include: surfing, cycling, travel, storms, nature, rural and abstract.  

KEYO RHODES - Surfing his longboards at Avalon & Mona Vale Basin

CRESCENT HEAD SURFING - A popular surfing break on the mid-north coast of New South Wales.

OUR DAY IN THE SUN is a surfing movie filmed in the early 1970s in Australia. it features some of the best surfers of that era: Nat Young, Wayne Lynch, Ian Cairns, Mark Richards, David Treloar and many others.

HYDROFOIL SURFER - Lone hydrofoil surfer, riding waves off the tip of Long Reef in Sydney NSW.

COUNTRY CRUISING - surfing the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales at Crescent Head, and beaches to the the south.

MONA VALE SURFING - Water shots of Keyo Rhodes surfing Mona Vale Basin. Winter at Mona Vale with waves, surfers and seabirds.

UNDER THE SURFACE OF THE OCEAN - filmed below the surface with waves breaking over the reef, and turbulance on the sand bottom as waves pass by.

A WINTER'S TALE Trailer - 1970s surf movie filmed in Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand and South Africa, featuring the stars of that era.

1960s SURFING IN AUSTRALIA - excerpts from Russell Sheppard's 1960s film - 'THE ULTIMATE LIFE'. Photographs by Bruce Usher, Russell Sheppard & Phil Sheppard

THE ROCK PLATFORM - Birds, waves, clouds and barnacles, all a part of this beautiful rock platform jutting out into the ocean.

PITTWATER AFTERNOON - Sydney's northern waterway in the afternoon - the bush, bays, mangroves, sand spits, boats, wharves, sheds and pathways.

KITE SURFING - Spectacular action off Mona Vale Beach.

MONA VALE STORM SURF - Large winter swell

SUMMER AT THE BEACH - Early morning swimmers in the rock pool, fishermen, surfers and pelicans, all enjoying wonderful Mona Vale Beach