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Central Station to Centennial Parklands


This is an easy ride of about 5 kilometres from Central Station to Centennial Parklands.
Begin at Central Station.  Cross Eddy Avenue and turn right, going under the train lines. Then take a left along Elizabeth Street, riding on the pathway to until Elizabeth Street intersects with Campbell Street. Cross to the other side of the road and continue up the hill. A short distance is a dedicated cycle lane which will take you to Taylor Square. Cross over to the right  on Bourke Street and again to the cycle lane. Go left into Arthur Street, crossing the east and west lanes of South Dowling Street to Moore Park.
The shared path leads to the pedestrian / cycle bridge over Anzac Parade. Head towards the Sydney Cricket Ground and turn right into Driver Avenue. At the intersection with Lang Road, go straight ahead then turn left into Federation Way. Be careful crossing Cook Road and enter Centennial Parklands by turning left into the dedicated cycling lane of the Grand Drive.
The Grand Drive is an easy  3.7 Kilometre loop, so you can clock up as many circuits as you want. There are cafes, walking paths, lakes, playgrounds and birdlife. Bikes can be rented within the parklands. To return to Central, just retrace the route you took to get to the parklands.
I rode back to Milsons Point to catch a train, by riding back to Taylors Square, crossing Oxford Street and riding down Bourke Street to Woolloomooloo.  At Wilson Street I went across the walkway above the Eastern Distributor. You can carry your bike up the many stairs or take the lift to the walkway. Proceed into the Domain off  Art Gallery Road. Go around the State Library then carefully along the shared pathway on Macquarie Street. After you go under the Cahill Expressway turn right onto the pathway and continue along the Cahill Walkway. Walk down the first set of stairs into Cumberland Street, left into Lower Fort Street, right into Argyle Street, left at Watson Road and ride onto the bridge opposite  Observatory Hill Lookout.  Exit the bridge at Milsons Point.

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