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Egypt Old Kingdom

The Old Kingdom (2649-210 BCR) was the first of the three great pharaonic eras of Ancient Egypt.

The pharaoh became all-powerful, with supreme control over Egypt's politics, religion and military.

The River Nile with its annual inundation was the life-blood of Egypt.

Religion, with its many gods, goddesses and cults, was central to the lives of all Egyptians. Death and burial observances were highly ritualised, and enormous pyramids were constructed for the pharaohs to ascend into the afterlife.

The Old Kingdom has been described as "the golden age of achievement and wisdom" Baines & Malek - Atlas of Ancient Egypt.

This is the perfect introduction to the Geography, Religion, Culture, Art, Technology, Everyday Lives and Funeral Rites of the Ancient Egyptians.

Duration: 41 minutes


Geographical Setting     Political Organisation      Social Structure    The Economy   

  Religion, Death & Burial Cultural Life   Everyday Life     Legacy of the Old Kingdom



Ancient History    Ancient Society and Culture    Classical Studies     Society and Environment -

Australian Syllabus History Level 8    Year 8 & NSW Stage 4 The Mediterranean World

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1: 18  Geographical Setting     

4:09  Political Organisation      

8:09  Social Structure    

12:29  The Economy   

17:54  Religion, Death & Burial

31:40  Cultural Life   

36:05 Everyday Life     

40:05 Legacy of the Old Kingdom

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