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Designing & Constructing A Kitchen

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A programme for Design & Technology, Industrial Technology & Construction students, Years 7 - 12.

 Kitchens are one of the most renovated spaces in the home. In this programme a building designer describes the principles he uses. A family designs and implements the construction of their new kitchen, in conjunction with their builder. We follow the design concept and move onto the various stages of construction: demolition - sub-contractors - cabinetmaking and installation - bench top design and installing - changes made to improve the design - designing and constructing of a special servery and window - and the finishing touches.

 Duration :  31 minutes

 The programme examines the DESIGN PROCESS, which involves the RESEARCH involved to create a variety of DIFFERENT DESIGN CONCEPTS within the one project. Then a STATEGY has to implemented to achieve the desired outcome. However there often needs to be CONTINUOUS EVALUATION, and if a problem exists then a SOLUTION has to be implemented. Finally when the project is completed has it satisfied the AIMS of the client, in both FUNCTIONALITY and AESTHETICS? And has the project been finished within the BUDGET?

 SENIOR :   Design - Form & Function, Problem Solving, Management, Evaluation,    Technology, Construction    JUNIOR :  Design, Building & Construction, Renovation    


0:00  Introduction

00:57  Design Principles

3:30  Designing A Kitchen

6:10   Finalising Cabinet Sizes

6:55  Construction

10:27  Build and Install Carcasses

14:00  Benchtops

17:55  Drawers and Cupboards

22:02  Re-Design - Continuous Evaluation

23:36  The Window and Servery - Designing A Window

29:21  The Finishing Touches

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