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Conflict in Europe Part 1

The Treaty of Versailles, and the League of Nations policy of  'Collective Security', failed to deter German and Italian aggression in the 1920s and 30s. Italy invaded Abyssinia; Germany marched into the Rhineland, and later annexed Austria. British Prime Minister Chamberlain's policy of Appeasement failed, and Czechoslovakia eventualy was seized by Germany. After Hitler invaded Poland, war was declared.

 Quickly the Germans overran Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium and finally France. Hitler's plan to to invade England was thwarted during the Battle of Britain. Children in both Germany and Britain were evacuated from the cities, and the civilian population had to contend with the horror of bombing raids. Hitler turned his attention to Russia, launching Operation Barbarossa.

 At the same time, the Italians and Germans faced British forces in North Africa. The United States entered the war following the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the German advance into Russia ground to a halt just outside Moscow.        Duration 52 minutes


 The Treaty of Versailles & The League of Nations  -  Growing Tensions 1935-1937  -  The Road To War 1938-1939  -  Appeasement  -  WAR: Poland, Holland Belgium & France  -  The Battle of Britain & The Blitz  -  Civilians At War: Evacuation & the effects of bombing in Germany and Britain  -  Operation Barbarosa  -  North Africa


  SENIOR :  Modern History, Society & Culture  JUNIOR :  HSIE, History, SOSE

 SENIOR :  Peace & Conflict, 20th Century History 1919 - 1945, War & Society, Crisis & Conflict  JUNIOR :  History, Shaping of The Modern World

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0:00  Introduction

0:31  The Treaty of Versailles & The League of Nations

3:13  Growing Tensions 1935 - 1937 

9:46  The Road To War 1938-1939

15:26  Appeasement

18:23  War-  Poland - Holland - Belgium - France

26:13  The Battle of Britain & The Blitz

32:28  Civilians at War - Evacuation Britain & Germany

 38:16  Effects of Bombing Britain

 42:26  Operation Barbarossa

47:41  North Africa

Conflict In Europe Part 2

Conflict in Europe Part 2

One of the war's major turning points was the Soviet victory in Stalingrad in 1943.  This was followed by Allied victory in North Africa and the subsequent invasion of Sicily and Italy.  The Russians would have another significant victory at Kursk in July 1943, and began their relentless drive through Eastern Europe. 

 German U-boats reduced the number of supply ships reaching Britain.  Rationing of food  and clothing was introduced, with market gardens supplying additional staple foods.  In Germany and Britain, women contributed to the war effort, working in factories, on farms and by joining auxiliaries of the Navy, Army and Air Force.  Operation Overlord began on D-Day, June 6 1944. 

 At the same time, the Soviets drove the Germans out of Russia, and reached Poland.  It was here that Soviet soldiers discovered the first of many Nazi extermination camps. The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 had formalised Nazi anti-Jewish policies, eventually leading to the Final Solution of  the Jewish 'problem'.  After the Battle of  the Bulge, Allied forces advanced  into Germany ,while the Soviets captured Berlin.  Germany  finally surrendered to the Allies on May 8 1944, VE Day.  At the Nuremberg Trials, Nazi leaders were tried for their war crimes.

 Duration:  52 minutes


The Battle of Stalingrad   -  Allied Victory in North Africa

Italy and the Battle of Kursk  -  War Rationing Germany &  Britain

  Women in the war Effort Germany & Britain

 D-Day Allied Invasion of Western Europe

  Russian Counter-Offensives 1944 -  Nazi Racial Policies

The Holocaust  -  Final Defeat of Germany

  Aftermath The Nuremberg Trails


SENIOR:  Modern History, Society & Culture



SENIOR:  Peace & Conflict, 20th Century History 1919-1945; War and Society, Crisis & Conflict

JUNIOR:  History, Shaping of the Modern World

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1:30  The Battle of Stalingrad 

6:54  Allied Victory in North Africa

11:20  Italy and the Battle of Kursk

15:43  War Rationing Germany &  Britain

18:56  Women in the war Effort Germany & Britain

23:55  D-Day Allied Invasion of Western Europe

32:00  Russian Counter-Offensives 1944

35:18  Nazi Racial Policies - The Holocaust

43:43  Final Defeat of Germany

50:08  Aftermath - The Nuremberg Trails

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