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The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution marked a major turning point in human history, influencing almost every aspect of daily life.  During the 18th and 19th centuries there were significant changes in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transportation and technology.  There were also profound changes to the socio-economic and cultural conditions of the times.  Beginning in Great Britain, there was a transition from a manual labour-based economy towards machine-based manufacturing. This revolution then spread throughout Europe, North America and eventually, the world.

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SENIOR:  Modern History: Societies & Change - Studies of Power


JUNIOR:  The Making of the Modern World (Stage 5) - Societies & Change (Level 5) - Time, Continuity & Change

Australian Syllabus History:  Level 9 Year NSW Stage  5, Making a Better World

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00:00  Introduction

1:20  Demand For Textiles

3:03  From Hand Loom to Power Loom

6:36  From Water Power to Steam Engine

 8:46  Factories and Infrastructure

10:21  Living and Working Conditions

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