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MOUNT VESUVIUS erupted almost 2000 years ago. 

The inhabitants of nearby Pompeii and Herculaneum suffered horrific deaths, before being buried under tonnes of volcanic rock and mud. 

For centuries their stories were forgotten. Gradually, over the last 250 years, their secrets have been unearthed, giving us a remarkable insight into an ancient society. 

This programme, filmed on location, reveals details of their everyday lives, occupations, religion, politics, entertainment, influence of foreign cultures and the architecture of both public buildings and private homes. 

This programme is accompanied by Paul Latham's extensive teachers'  notes.

It is regarded by Ancient History teachers as a comprehensive and valuable resource.



Ancient History - Ancient Society and Culture - Classical Studies - Society and Environment



Geographical Context   The Forum   The Economy   Social Structure

 Local  Political Life   Everyday Life   Influence of Greek & Egyptian Culture

  Architectural Styles of Public Buildings   Private Buildings

   Religion   Destruction & Discovery


DURATION: 1 Hour 13 Minutes 

Download Chapter Headings

Download Teachers' Notes



00:00  Introduction

1:57  Geographical Context

7:18  The Forum

12:16  The Economy

21:20  Social Structure

27:05  Local  Political Life

 32:15  Everyday Life

43:54  Influence of Greek & Egyptian Culture

47:11  Architectural Styles of Public Buildings

55:58  Private Buildings

 01:01:28  Religion

01:10:59  Destruction & Discovery 

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