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Rome Part 1

  Rome began as a small settlement of the banks of the Tiber River.  From the time of Romulus, it grew into a strong kingdom and eventually, a powerful republic conquering the Italian peninsula.  Later, Rome laid claim to most of the lands surrounding the Mediterranean. 

It was constantly in a state of war and developed a powerful army, but its very existence was threatened during the Punic Wars against Carthage. 

The Romans were great architects and builders, constructing magnificent temples to the Gods.  Romans found many ways to amuse  themselves, with gladiatorial combats and chariot races the most popular events. 

However, despite great conquests and achievements, there was a need for social reform, initiated by the Gracchus  brothers. 

However, these reforms precipitated social unrest and the great civil conflicts that would embroil Rome.


Rome From Village to Late Republic 753-1221 BCE     

Geographical Setting

The Kingdom of Rome     Etruscan Kings

Politics in The Early Republic    The Military

 Highways Architecture & Engineering    Religion     Life In The City   

The Punic Wars     The Gracchus Brothers


SENIOR:  Ancient Society & Culture -  People Place & Time

JUNIOR:  A Society & Civilisation of the Past

DURATION: 51 Minutes

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0:00  Rome Introduction

0:59   From Village to Late Republic 753-1221 BCE
2:00Geographical Setting
2:56  The Kingdom of Rome

6:44  Etruscan Kings

11:16  Politics in The Early Republic

15:24  The Military

 20:55  Highways Architecture & Engineering

26:12  Religion

 30:44  Life In The City

37:36  The Punic Wars

46:43   The Gracchus Brothers

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