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New Kingdom Egypt

New Kingdom Egypt (16th to 11th Century BCE) saw the development of the "Warrior Pharaoh" image, the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, and the flourishing of the Amun Re cult.

After Ahmose 1  expelled the Hyksos from Lower Egypt, a policy of empire building began, reaching its greatest height during the reign of Thutmose III. During this time, the Amun Re cult became the state religion, and pharaohs went to war "at the command of Amun", building temples and monuments to the God.

As well, the controversial female, Hatshepsut, became pharaoh. Akhenaten overturned Egypt's entire religious system by declaring Aten as the only god, during what is called the Amarna Revolution.

By the time of the Ramesside Period, religious order and stability had been restored, with Ramesses II ruling Egypt for sixty-five years. The New Kingdom lasted over 500 years, including three dynasties, and is described as the "golden age" in the history of this ancient land. This programme  was filmed on location in 2010.

Duration: 60 minutes



Geography   The Change To New  Kingdom Egypt:The Hyksos    Sequenre Tao II  - Kamose - Ahmose I                                  Amun-Re Cult    Society In The New  Kingdom      Growth of The Egyptian Empire 18th Dynasty 

Thutmose    Hatshepsut    Thutmose II    Thutmose III    Maintenance of the Empire18th Dynasty

Thutmose IV    The Armarna Revolution18th Dynasty    Amenhotep III    Akhenaten    Tutankhamun

The Ramesside Period 19th & 20th Dynasty - Ramesses II


Historical Periods Egypt  -  Societies & Change  - Studies of Conflict & Political Structure

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1:17  Geography

2:39  The Change to New Kingdom Egypt : The Hyksos

 4:51  Sequenre Tao II  - Kamose - Ahmose I

7:08  Amun-Re Cult

11:18  Society In The New Kingdom

14:23  Growth Of The Egyptian Empire 18th Dynasty

16:12  Thutmose  I

18:17  Hatshepsut  -  Thutmose II

27:09  Thutmose III

31:52  Maintenance of the Empire 18th Dynasty

 36:36  Thutmose IV

38:44  The Amarna Revolution 18th Dynasty - Amenhotep III - Akhenaten - Tutankhamun

 48:43  THE Ramesside Period 19th & 20th Dynasty - Ramesses II

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